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The spearheading sportswear brand for the roads, Adidas Originals has opened its first since forever 'Originals Fashion Destination Door (OFDD)' organize store in Mumbai, India. Situated in the core of one of the city's most pined for shopping regions on Linking Road,the store catches the vitality of the roads transforming it into a social epicenter. Its motivation is found in the diverse notorious neighborhoods of different urban communities, making a worldwide association with a remarkable system of impact and social imagination.

Adidas introduces india's first ever Originals Fashion Destination Door (OFDD)

The store joins the building subtle elements enlivened by Mumbai's crude feel by interpreting the soul of the city that interfaces the inventive youth culture. A parlor region with furniture motivated by the Originals Superstar offers a space for imply association with clients and makers alike.

The store is the most recent in a worldwide arrangement of under 100 adidas Originals 'Fashion Destination Door (OFDD)' idea stores over the globe and first of its kind in India. This huge store opening endorses adidas Originals long-standing responsibility regarding India of presenting retail center points where clients encounter the brand in remarkable courses from a limited perspective.
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