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The name Piano has been given to the bridge as it looks like a piano. Every stone takes after a piano key. The Piano Bridge is said to be 200 years of age. The extension is outlined so to keep the water streaming between the stones. One side of the Piano Bridge is over than the other one making it an extension with two levels. You more likely several stepping stone bridges shaped to cross the river. One such interesting extension is found in China.  The town is incorporated into Taitashun County that falls in Zhejiang region of China. This scaffold is longer than a few different bridges of its kind.

Piano Bridge, China
 The voyagers who visit Shishue Village uncommonly come to see Piano Bridge. The bridge is solid despite the fact that looks extremely old. People appreciate making photographs on it while crossing it forward and backward. The charming encompassing makes the experience all the more interesting. There are a few different bridges however Piano Bridge is the most prominent in Shi Yang town.

The Piano bridge was outlined in the times when wood was rare in China as even today in swamp regions. The bridge is an immaculate case of its time as far as its basic structural planning. The outline permits legitimate intersection, proper water stream and help with high tides.

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