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With the Cicret bracelet, do what you use to do with a tablet specifically on your skin with no smartphone. the co-founder of Cicret bracelet is Guillaume Pommier.

How it functions?
The Bracelet involves a pico projector and a line of eight vicinity sensors that point towards the client's lower arm. It works as a standalone gadget and, when actuated with a touch of the wrist, extends an Android interface onto the clients arm. The vicinity sensors recognize where the client's finger or fingers are and permit them to connect with the interface as they would whatever other Android gadget.

Cicret Bracelet makes your skin into touchscreen

The Cicret Bracelet highlights an accelerometer and a vibration module, alongside a LED for warnings. Network is given by method for WiFi, Bluetooth and a Micro USB port. It is relied upon to be made accessible in 16 GB and 32 GB models.

There are potential focal points to turning customary objects into mobile phones, however anticipated touch screens commonly do not have the responsiveness and visual clarity of the glass screens we're utilized to. This anticipated console, for instance, conveyed a poor writing background.
The sensor sends the data back to the processor which is in your cicret bracelet.

The Bracelet joins 4 technologies that make it conceivable to projects with a low-angle, controllable with the fingers, works in bright daylight and also works in any skin colors.

Other Features :
  • Read your mails
  • Find Your Way
  • Check the weather
  • Use social networks

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