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Echo Smartpen is one of the helpful item which can fulfill the needs of individuals in today's innovative and quick life.
Livescribe Echo Smartpen

  • The inherent microphone is great quality and touchy, it has best stable recording quality and cloud obviously record sound 10 meters away.
  • Rich looking, super thin, extremely convenient, biggest width is just 13.9mm.
  • There is a hand composing distinguishment programming called myscript for livescribe that changes over ink handwriting to content.
  • It can perceive up to 22 worldwide launguages.
  • Livescribes unique paper that permits the recording of notes uses a protected speck situating framework.
  • A livescribe smart pen is outfitted with a removable ball point ink catridge.
  • A little OLED presentation and an infrared cam.
  • Internal flash memory that catches manually written notes, sound and drawings.
  • The pen is utilized note pads and diaries that contain an special paper known as "dot paper". the organization offers different bundles of these materials for your utilization.
  • Record all that you compose, hear or say. Replay your gatherings or addresses just by tapping on your notes.
  • Exchange your notes and sound to your PC through USB link and Echo Desktop will spare everything for quick, simple access to what's imperative.
  • Effortlessly import your notes and sound from Echo Desktop as a standard PDF or sound documents.

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