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Logbar Ring will transform your finger into a gadget controlled finger.

Wearable information gadget that leds you control anything. Motion control, content transmission, installment, and more.


1.Gesture Control Function :: This function gives you a chance to control your home machines and applications, through signals.

2.Text Transmission :: Indication of letters in the mid air can be perceived as writings.

3.Payment data transmission :: This function gives you a chance to wrap up your installment for different charges, all in one activity, by making a solitary motion.

4.Receive ready capacity :: You can identify approaching transmission/cautions, through implicit vibration and LED.

Logbar - A Ring that controls thing around them

 Sensors in the ring can identify each development by the finger as indicated by the organization that buildups about its creation. However the device lives up to expectations with prearranged and settled signals for usually utilized controls. This can be arranged by utilizing a friendly application. This Ring can likewise combine with Bluetooth 4.0 gadgets, in spite of the fact that similarity is needed. This can likewise interface with Wi-Fi or Infrared, a device that passes the summons from the Ring to the next gadget. You can likewise turn the lights or music on or snap a photo with the assistance of this Ring.

Step by step instructions to utilize :
  • 1.Wear Ring on your forefinger.
  • 2.Start motioning by tapping on the touch sensor.
  • 3.Hold your finger to end the motion.
Ring just distinguishes the development of the finger that is inside and recognizes the signal being made.
The ring is an equipment gadget that takes after a common ring, loaded with sensors and gadgets to issue it the capacity to control gadgets and render info. it can empower signal controls, and additionally content enter by attracting letters the air, motion based approval for finishing installments, and transmit cautions from associated devices by means of an implicit vibration engine and installed LED.

Signal Control :

Every Application, has its own exceptional signal imprint, so when need to utilize it, just perform the assigned activity.

Instructions to Connect with different gadgets :

You can interface directly or utilizing the hub.

Center point(HUB) is a steering device which empowers you to send an infrared or Wi-Fi signal to any compatible gadget, permitted you to associate with home apparatuses which were already inconsistent with ring software.

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